This tutorial was made with PSPX2
but can also be made with other versions

- 4 tubes, 1 masker,
- Jac’s Animation shop
- Filters :  Funhouse,  Unlimited

Filters  here
Materials HERE

Tubes van : Jet , Suszi Squai, La Manouche

Others are unknown to me. 
If you recognize them as one of your own,
please let me know so I can add your name or remove the tube.
Let’s get started.
Remember to save your work often

Put  the mask in your mask-folder in PSP
Foreground color : ffffff
Background color : 000000

Open a new image  650x500, transparent
Fill with background color
Layers – New raster layer
Fill with foreground color

Layers – Load/save Mask – Load mask from disc
Look for mask : sg_multi_stripes
Check : Fit to canvas, source luminance, hide all masks
Layers – Merge – Merge group
Opacity 80

Open  tube : Masquerade
Edit – Copy
Activate your bottom layer
Layers – New raster layer
Selections – Select all
Edit – Paste in selection
Selections – Select non
Opacity  30
Move it a bit to the right


Activate top layer
Open  tube ss_240
Edit  - Copy
Edit – Paste as a new layer
Image – Mirror
Opacity 30
Move it to the left

Open  tube : Jet_woman
Edit – Copy
Edit – Paste as a new layer
Image – Mirror
Image – Resize 2 x 85%,    Uncheck all layers!
Put her a bit out of the center to the left (see example)
Effects – 3D-effekten – Drop Shadow : V 6, H 6, Opacity : 70, Blur : 37, Color black

Open tube : Anchor
Edit – Copy
Edit – Paste as a new layer
Put it in the center between the black and the gray beam (see example)
Effects – 3D-effects – Drop shadow – Preferences are still set
Layers – Duplicate
Image – Resize: 85%, Uncheck all layers !
Put it on the right, a little higher (see example)

Aktivate text tool en type text
(I used Font  A&S Snapper Script – 48 pix)
Put it at the bottom (see example)
You can move the woman to the left if needed
Layers – Merge – Merge all


Layers – New raster layer
Put in your name and/or watermark
Layers – Merge – Merge all
Edit - Copy

Image – Add borders
2 pix black
2 pix #c0c0c0
2 pix black
Selections – Select all
Image – Add borders : 25 pix #c0c0c0
Selections – Invert
Layers – New Raster layer
Edit – Paste into selection
Keep selection

Effects  – Funhouse – Sierpinch Mirror
Keep selection

Effects – Unlimited2 – Buttons&Frames
3D Glasframe3 – top slider at  25
Selections – Select none

Image – Add borders - 2 pix black

Image – Resize image  – 650 pix

Image – Save as – PSP animatie Shop (.*psp) in your temp. folder

Open je diamantje in Jac’s Animation Shop
Crtl + A = Select all
Animation – Resize animation – Percentage out of original : 80%
Edit - copy

File – Open – Select your newly saved image - ok
Edit – Duplicate selected
Do this until you have 4 frames (diamantje also has  4 frames)
Ctrl + A (Select all)
Paste your diamantje as you like
(of see example)
Animation – Frame properties : 20
Check your animation and if you like it
Save as .gif

I hope you liked this tutorial
K@rin, K@Design


Hierbij bedank ik alle tubes makers en maaksters
Voor het maken van deze schitterende tubes.

Ich danke allen Tube herstellern und Herstellern
für das Bilden dieser großartigen Tube.

Je remercie tous tubes de réalisateurs et les faiseuses
pour la réalisation de ces tubes brillants.

I thank all tubes makers and makers
for making these superb tubes.

Laat de naam in de tube intact.
© Belangrijk is de copyright die behoort bij de originele artiest.
Laat de credit bij de maker.

© 2009 K@D's PsP Designs

-all rights reserved-


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