Challenge November 2021 - *BLIND TUTORIAL 39*


This tutorial is made with PSP 2018
But you can make it with other versions

The © of this tutorial is my own.
My lessons may NOT be linked or copied
on other websites and / or forums, without my consent

Any resemblance to other tutorials on the wide web is based on mere coincidence.

Leave the names and watermarks of tubes and other material intact.
It takes a lot of work to make this.
Please respect this.

I also thank everyone for their tubes and materials that I can use in my tutorials.

If you place your creation in a blog, on Facebook or on a website, please mention a link to the tutorial.

In order not to ruin the surprise for others PLEASE do not post your version in puclic
before the end of the challenge.
In this case it’s 30/11/2021.
Thanks !

General preparations :
First install the filters that you did not have, before you open PSP !!
Open your tubes in PSP, duplicate them and close the originals.
Do not forget to remove the watermarks on the copies.

Plugins HERE
Permission tubes HERE 
Blank color palette Alpha channel : HERE 
Materials HERE


Materials for the tutorial :

Disclaimer :
Each Graphic is the property of the original artist to whom the copyright belongs and
may not be placed in a collection or offered for sale on-line or otherwise.

Tubes :
(*) If you recognize them as one of your own, please let me know, so I can add your name or remove the tube.


Choose a tube of a ghost, witch, creepy figure, ... and Halloween decorations.
I use a tube from Riet      

1/ calguismistedghost171010
2/ Castle
3/ Valerie
4/ Halloween_Sheet_1_by_CherokeeRose
5/ BL39_KaD_Text

Animation :
1/ BL39_KaD_Animatie

Alpha Selections : open  in PSP and minimize
(this image is not empty – it contains alpha selections)
1/ BL39_KaD_Alfakanaal

Jac’s Animation Shop   

Color palette :
If you work with your own colors, make your own color palette with the alpha channel,
so you can easily switch between your colors.

There are color differences in the different versions of Psp.
Therefore, use the html codes of the color palette to be sure,
that you have the same colors. Also when merging layers, there may be color differences.    

Plugins : 
1/ Mehdi : Sorting Tiles
2/ MuRa’s Meister : Perspective Tiling
3/ Carolaine & Sensibility : CS-Texture
4/ Toadies : What are you?
5/ AAA Frames : Foto Frame

(-) Import into Filters Unlimited


When working with your own colors, play with the Blend Mode and/or Opacity at your own discretion

From now on I use the terms "MIRROR" and "FLIP" again.
Mirror: Mirror horizontal - Flip: Mirror vertical

Let’s get started.
Remember to save your work often.
Some print screens have other colors than the original.

Colors :
Color 1 (Foreground color) = #615955
Color 2  (Background color )= #31302d
Gradient : Foreground – Lineair – see PS



Open the alpha channel : BL39_KaD_Alfakanaal
Window – Duplicate
Minimize the  original – we continue on the copy


Fill with gradient
Layers – New Raster layer
Select all


Activate & copy : Castle
Edit – Paste into selection  (Raster 2)
Select none
Layers – Duplicate (Copy of Raster 2)
Close this layer  (by clicking on the little eye) and activate the layer just below  – see PS



Adjust – Blur – Radial blur – see PS


Layers – Merge  – Merge down  (Raster 1)

Plugins – Mehdi – Sorting Tiles – see PS



Effects – Edge effects – Enhance more


Layers – Duplicate (Copy of Raster 1)
Plugins – MuRa’s Meister – Perspective Tiling – DEFAULT but Height on 10

Effects – 3D-effects – Drop Shadow : V&H 0 – 80 – 40 – Color #000000


Activate Raster 1
Selections – Load/Save Selection – Load Selection From Alpha Channel – Selectie 1 – see PS

Selections – Promote selection to layer   (Promoted selection)

Plugins – Carolaine & Sensibility – CS-Texture – STANDAARD
Select none

Layers – Duplicate
Image – Mirror & Flip
Layers – Merge – Merge down
Adjust – Sharpness – Sharpen


Open & Activate top layer  (Copy of Raster 2)
Adjust – Sharpness – Sharpen more


Activate & copy : calguismistedghost171010
Edit – Paste as a new layer  (Raster 2)
Image – Mirror
Image – Resize : 80%, all layers NOT checked
Press K – Pos X : 633 – Pos Y : -23 – Press M   HELP
Change Blend mode to Multiply & Layer opacity to 73
Adjust – Sharpness – Sharpen more


Activate & copy : Valerie
Edit – Paste as a new layer  (Raster 3)
Image – Mirror
Image – Resize : 50%, all layers NOT checked
Press K – Pos X : -71 – Pos Y : -31 – Press M
Change Blend mode to Soft Light


Activate & copy : BL39_KaD_Text
Edit – Paste as a new layer 
Place to your choice




Activate your main tube and place in the center of your creation
Drop shadow to your liking


Now place some bats, ghosts, spiders,... of your choice


Add your name or watermark,
Add my watermark to your creation  HERE


Select all
Image – Add borders : 35 pix background color
Selection Invert
Plugins – Toadies – What are you? : 20 – 20

Plugins – AAA Frames – Foto Frame – see PS



Effects – 3D-effects – Drop Shadow : V&H 0 – 80 – 40 – Color #000000
Select none


Image – Add borders : 1 pix background color
Image – Resize – Width 900 Pixels – Resize all Layers checked
Save as “BL39_Crea .jpg”

For those who want, here is the animation

Open Jac’s Animation Shop (A/S)
Open the file you saved “BL39_Crea .jpg”
Duplicate until you have 4 frames
Select all

Open : BL39_KaD_Animatie
Select all
Resize the animation to 900 pix
Edit – Copy
Edit – Paste into selected frame of your crea – see PS




Set your animation speed to 40 – see PS


Click on the filmstrip and see if it's to your liking.

Save as .gif.

Your image is ready.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

Extra vb met tube van TReagan


  Email me your result Email001.GIF  

In order not to ruin the surprise for others PLEASE do not post your version in puclic
before the end of the challenge.
In this case it’s 30/11/2021.
Thanks !



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